My Life: a Confessional

So, if you are an avid reader, you know that this blog has been sucking a little lately. I haven’t posted as much and what I’m posting is pretty weak. I haven’t posted a worship confessional in who knows how long! Funny how your blog reflects your life; a whirlwind. Here’s what the last few months have consisted of in my life:

  • Our church began a building campaign
  • I began designing our new building (something I’ve never done before)
  • I entered the wonderful world of blogging
  • Our worship pastor moved on to one of our daughter plants
  • Our daughter Macy turned 1!
  • I took on overseeing music as well as my regular duties (tech, media, design, web, teaching), which also consisted of leading worship on a regular basis. Luckily we have a music director, so the burden was not mine alone, but we both had to work a lot harder!
  • I reconstructed our worship music/creative arts ministry the help of our incredible staff, and things really began to work well together
  • We began construction on our new building
  • Jen and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary
  • Miles started soccer!
  • Miles turned 5 – that still blows me away
  • We began moving our church from a middle school into our new building
  • Our family went on a weeks vacation, on the same week that…
  • We held our very first services at our new location
  • This past week was our 3rd week at our building (the 2nd week actually inside)
  • I now am taking on the role of executive pastor, which means that I am moving away from the arts so much and now spending more time overseeing staffing and programming
  • Now comes Christmas with all it’s fun!

All this to say that I’ve been busy! But it seems like with all the business I’ve neglected my own personal spiritual growth. Less time in the Word, less time in prayer, less time with my family (real purposeful time). And of course with that comes the results of running on empty. So today, I am just taking a few moments to stop, reflect, confess, and recommit. I’m not one to dwell, I’d rather not waste the time. So I am moving on. Say a prayer for me and my family if you have time today – I’d really appreciate it and thanks for reading – I’ve been encouraged by so many of you, maybe this will encourage you!

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