My Last Couple Days in Pictures

Sunday after church – went to In-n-Out with Chuck, our technical director. Miles tagged along and tried his hand at directing.

At lunch, Miles learned the fine art of dipping french fries in chocolate shake.
Monday, was at the mall & saw this sign, had flashbacks & cold sweats, began salivating, then realized, “oh yeah, I don’t have a 360”.

macy cookie
Macy and I got hungry while Jen was trying on clothes so we went to Mrs. Fields for some fresh chocolate chip cookies. Macy liked them.

Monday we went to Costco on our monthly daipers, wipes, paper towles, tp, and other odds & ends trip. And as luck had it, we got probably the closest parking space there. And I don’t know about your Costco, but there is NEVER a parking place within a half-mile of the store!

So it was strange enough that we got a front row parking place, but when we got back to the Burb, behold another front row space!

Tuesday we went to Lowe’s to check on some tile for our building and ran into Jamianne – Karl’s wife. She’s a faithful Lowe’s employee!

Wednesday night I got to try my hand at Halo 3. Yeah, it pretty much blew my mind.


Today I setup the Matrox Triplehead 2Go and had a 3 monitor desktop 3,072 x 768 (I need it higher, but my side monitors can’t take any higher resolution). From left to right: 15″ MacBook Pro, 15″ screen, 21″ screen, 15″ screen – those are hooked up to my PC.

How was your week?

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