My Friend Karl

Some of you may already know Karl. He’s the Music Director at LifeChurch, and a good friend. That’s a picture of him going “wireless” at one of our staff meetings on a 5 year old laptop, “splendid”, as he would say. Anywho, he wrote some very nice things the other day on this post, and he just did a little overdrive pedal shootout with videos even! which I thought was a cool idea. I don’t quite understand all the lingo, but I do know that I’m a big fan of the “Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face clone” sound. He always has something worth reading so go on over today and subscribe to his blog. Hopefully I can help him overhaul it soon to WordPress.

3 thoughts on “My Friend Karl

  1. eric

    yes, please overhaul that crazy blog… you can’t even post on it!

    Sorry Karl, but it’s gotta go… 😉

    erics last blog post..Crazy Week!!!

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