My First MLS Game!

Thanks to my good friend James over at, last week I got to experience my first Major League Soccer game. And what a match up it was! The SuperClasico – Galaxy vs. Chivas. James tried to warn me of the roudiness that we were about to partake in, but nothing prepared me for what happened. Let me just say that I think being a soccer fan might be in my blood (I am Scottish!). I think my favorite part of the game were the fans. We were sitting just above the LA Riot Squad and before the end of the night at least three of them went home in hand cuffs. The drums, the party streamers, the beer, the chants (many of which I can’t repeat hear), the blue and yellow – they were a sight to see! Across the field were the Chivas fans, and all of the sudden their section started smoking and going nuts – apparently soccer fans show their support by way of road flares!

By the end of the night it was a tie game – so everyone had something to cheer about and/or complain about. All I have to say is that I’m going back just as soon as I can! Gonna bring Jen and anyone else we can cram in our vehicle.

A HUGE “Thank You” to James for bringing me along and introducing me to the wonderful world of MLS! Here’s a couple pictures from the evening.

Believe it or not, this got me all the way from the 15 Freeway to Whittier!

Justin from American Idol sang the National Anthem.

This guy got bent in half and had to be taken off the field on a stretcher.

And of course, the 60 Freeway was closed down to 2 lanes on the way home, awesome.

8 thoughts on “My First MLS Game!

  1. Kendra Watson

    Sounds like fun…well not the road flare part LOL Brian works in Whittier and does that drive everyday!

    Kendra Watsons last blog post..Hiking

  2. James

    Glad you could come to game with me bro and really glad you enjoyed it. We’ll definitely need to do it again. By the way, the return Chivas game (where Chivas are the home team) is on August 14th. My season tickets don’t cover that game since it’s a Chivas home game, but I’ll be going for sure.

  3. jordan

    You need to try a World Cup game if you really want to see crazy. I went in 94 when it was in the US. I have also been to a couple of matches in England. Be warned and bring a spiked bat and some mace, but be ready for some serious fun. GO FC DALLAS!

    jordans last blog post..Sites of the Top 5

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