My Fathers Day Present

toms shoes

I’ve been checking out Tom’s Shoes for the past year or so, and after hearing that Bobby got a pair, I decided it was about time. So Jen said I could get a pair for Fathers Day (sorry guys, that’s just how it works around here). So I am expecting my pair of Tom’s Shoes early next week.

For those who don’t know anything about Tom’s Shoes, go here and read about it. The short story is that whenever you buy a pair of shoes, another pair of shoes are given to a needy child with no shoes. If it was up to me, I’d just buy a new pair of Tom’s from now on. What a cool way to get involved in something way bigger than yourself.

2 thoughts on “My Fathers Day Present

  1. Will Young

    Having seen Bobby’s, I hope that yours aren’t quite as uh ‘colorful.’

    Actually, I sort of like Bobby’s, I might end up getting me a pair here soon. Congrats on the purchase man.

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