My Easter Girls

I was reminded by my mother enlaw that I didn’t share any pictures of Macy from Easter. So here it is, my two girls. We had Macy in the typical pink fluffy Easter dress & Jen did her hair in little buns. Me and miles did do a couple pictures but they were all blurry, plus we’re not really into dressing up too much; a result of my mom dressing me in suit and tie every Christmas & Easter.

2 thoughts on “My Easter Girls

  1. heather

    Those are a couple of gorgeous girls you got!

  2. Alex's Mom (still nameless after all these years!)

    OK, blame me…go ahead…I don’t care what you say you were adorable! I especially loved the velvet sailor suit with the red tie. It had, of course, the matching sailor hat, white knee sox and white saddle shoes. With your little red-hair dutch boy cut you were always the cutest kid! Be nice or I’ll post the photos of you when you sang in the Swedish choir wearing the Swedish costume my mom made for you!

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