My Brother Led Worship!

Just wanted to give a huge shout out to my brother, James, for coming all the way out from Virginia to lead worship at LifeChurch last weekend. He did a phenominal job, our people really responded well and God was glorified huge! His set was: Marvelous Light, There is Nothing Like, Everlasting God, and U2’s 40. Good stuff!

Here’s a little video of the first three songs. I got to come up and rock out on Everlasting God, which was so cool to be up there leading worship with my bro! (oh yeah, ever since I upgraded to Leopard, the audio gets jacked when I do transitions, so sorry about that).

11 thoughts on “My Brother Led Worship!

  1. Scott Fillmer

    Looks and sounds great… I love images of worship bands but its great when they have a good program as well.

  2. Peter

    Jami and I were really blessed by your brother lead in worship. You guys are quite a talented familia> Glad to say I know yah

  3. heather

    I loved the song “there is nothing like” I felt God there Sunday…Thanks James! See ya next year!

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