My Addiction

I posted a while ago that I was watching/listening to Hillsong’s new DVD, Savior King. The first couple times I watched it I was like, “it’s alright, I like Hosanna and Break Free”. Now after watching it over 20-30 times, I absolutely LOVE it! Here’s why:

  • Multiple worship leaders
  • Hillsong and United together – so it’s actually doable for multiple generations
  • Excellent production
  • Amazing lyrics
  • Many “doable” songs
  • It’s long (I hate short DVD’s)
  • Did I mention United?

Go get you some, you won’t be disapointed.

5 thoughts on “My Addiction

  1. klampert

    doh…thanks for the reminder…I really wanted that one…the hillsong london CD jesus is has a dvd as well …that is a great CD too

  2. WorshipCity

    Yeah I’m coming back around to it. Initially, I wasn’t impressed. Its growing on me and their DVDs always captivate me. I just got finished rolling through the United video for All of the Above. Unfortunately, we only get 3 songs on that one 🙁

  3. Jeff Thompson

    I’m a Hillsong and United junkie and I’ve got to be honest – “Savior King” is the weakest album they’ve put out in about 5 years. There are only 2 upbeat songs on the album (the first 2) and one of them is a United song (“Break Free”)! Most of the other songs are pretty weak – just covered up by excellent production.

    That being said, I just went to the Hillsong United Conference in Orlando and it was unreal. You’ve GOT to go next year!

  4. alex

    Oooooo Jeff, I love a good dissagreement! I was a big Hillsong fan back around 10 years ago because I was stuck in a church that didn’t move with the future of where church was going and I was desperate for anything new and different. At the same time I was a huge Passion fan and that was the road I ended up going down. After that I never went back and actually was a little shocked that I like Hillsongs. Then came United which I didn’t get at first (I know, I’m an idiot), but now I really dig them!
    So, when I heard it was Hillsong I didn’t even want to consider it. And even the first few times through I didn’t like the Hillsong stuff, only the United. But it has grown on me and I love it – even though it is very over produced – but honestly what isn’t these days?
    Some of my favorites that are not United:
    Here in My Life
    You are Faithful
    You are my Strength
    It’s Hillsong, definitely – but I really like it.

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