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Happy Monday! We’re starting a new tradition here at betterthanblank: Music Monday.
Every Monday, I’ll just share a couple bands or artists that have been on my playlist, or something new I’ve found. With all the new and old music available out there these days, sometimes it’s hard to sift through, sometimes you just get too busy and forget to listen to something new! So look for this update every Monday, and don’t be afraid to share too!

Found this guy, Jamie Cullum, after watching an Acoustic Alchemy video on YouTube from the 2007 Dubai Jazz Festival, then googling the festival and jumping over to a review of his performance. The internet is amazing.

Here’s the Acoustic Alchemy video from the festival, with Miles Gilderdale (where our son, Miles got his name from) going off as he does so well. We’ve seen AA a whole bunch of times. They used to really rock for “smooth jazz”, I mean getting the whole audience on their feet, and sometimes Miles broke out his electric and did some fun covers. Last time we saw them they were either having a bad day, or they had purposely chosen to go more mainstream smooth jazz, because it much more mellow. But, if you ever have a chance to see these guys and you appreciate jazzy-pop guitar music, you should really check them out.

And here is the Jamie Cullum video. I just really liked it – and I am not too down with my new music right now, so maybe you’ve already seen or hear of him. Apparently he’s british, which pretty much means he’s awesome in my book.

And lastly, I present Craig Chaquico (cha-kiso). Former rock-god with Jefferson Starship & Starship, this guy reinvented himself in the 90’s by virtually creating a musical style within smooth jazz with acoustic guitar. I remember when I first heard him, I was working at a local music shop and we got his demo. I remember playing it over and over, and people would be like, “Who is that?”. It must have been around 1992-93. We’ve seen him a number of times, and he’s pretty spot on live, although he’s still got the 80’s dress, hair, and moves. It’s fun, eclectic, earthy music; especially good in headphones. Here’s a cheezy video, but it actually gives you a good overview of his music.

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  2. James McLean

    yeah, Jamie Cullum i have friends that have been huge fans for awhile now, i’ve heard he is fun in concert too. me being a singer you know i’m gonna highlight the singers over the musicians right? so another new good british guy that i like a lot is James Morrison (not the Doors guy). also, even though it is very ccmish i like ronnie freeman’s new CD “”God Speaking”. incredible lyrics! check it out

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