Music Monday (it's Tuesday): Lenny Kravitz

Here’s one of those people that would go under my “stuck on a deserted island” list. Lenny has been one of my favorite musicians since I can remember being into music. A couple reasons I love his music so much:

– heart felt lyrics, they really ring true in my heart
– he’s one of the kings of groove – I wish every drummer and bass player could listen to Lenny and learn
– he’s a musicians musician and on many of his albums he’s played all the tracks
– he stays mysterious, which I like

Jen and I went to see him about 10 or so years ago. He was opening for a slew of heavy hitters including: Dave Matthews Band, Black Crowes, Blues Traveler, etc. So he was on like at 1pm or something, half full ampitheater. Let’s just say he BLEW THE FREAKIN’ DOORS OFF the place. He was so rockin’ & the band was just ON. What’s more he did a FACE MELTING version of “Are You Gonna Go My Way” that was about 50 bpm faster than the recorded version where he went running through the crowd during his guitar solo. I’ll never forget that.

Another thing I have distinct memories about Lenny is programming his songs into a Boss drum machine when I worked at a music store. When there was nothing going on I would spend hours programming drums, bass & piano – then I’d play guitar along to it. That was fun.

Here’s one of his latest; classic Lenny style. (some youtube for all the rss’ers)

And of course on his big hits:

A little old skool:

And this one has one my favorite classic Lenny sounds: piano, simple bass & drums, organ & awesome sax solo.

4 thoughts on “Music Monday (it's Tuesday): Lenny Kravitz

  1. eric

    We’re doing a series right now called “Love Revolution” after the title of his new album. Finally, I get to play one of his tunes at Church!

    But I think you just love the saxaphone because your dad plays…

    Circus is his best album to date. “In my life today” is my favorite. The words to “Are you gonna go my way” are full-on Gospel…

    We should do a Kravitz Sunday! Here’s the setlist…

    If you can’t say no
    You were in my heart
    God save us all
    Are you gonna go my way

    God is love
    In my life today
    Fly away

    Okay, so it would be a long service, but it would be amazing!

  2. heather

    Awesome video Eric!!…..This is my one of my fav. songs. I am a sucker for a good rock ballad.

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