Music Monday (and you thought I forgot)

Today we honor the mighty Van Halen. I don’t have much to say except that no one really rocks like these guys – and I don’t care whether David, Sammy, or Gary sing – to me this band is all about the rhythm and groove. Alex is one of my favorite drummers. Call me cheezy, but nothing beats driving down the highway on a warm summer day blasting a little Van Halen (Tom Petty comes in a close second). So may I present a couple of my favorites?

This is an incredible media presentation – ahead of its time, plus a great song. Drums sound so good!

What’s your favorite Van Halen song?

4 thoughts on “Music Monday (and you thought I forgot)

  1. Fred McKinnon

    Dude, as a keyboardist, I’d have to say “JUMP” – I love pulling out one of the old 80’s synth patches on my Yamaha Motif and playing the opening licks to “Jump” sometimes – everybody goes nuts!


  2. heather

    Van Hagar, or Van Halen? Van Hagar fav. is a couple..finish what you started and Love walks in.
    Van halen fav…..hard to choose, but I really love Panama

  3. eric

    Our current series is called “Jump… into the life God has for you.” Guess what our theme song/bumper is?

    That’s right… 😉

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