Music Monday

Been a while since I’ve done one of these. And honestly, I’m ashamed that I don’t spend much time these days listening to new music. Something I always told myself was that I never wanted to be one of those people who always talked about the ‘good old days’ when music was awesome… Yet I fear I’m gonna end up like that someday, ugh.

Anyway, here’s a couple tunes I love.

This from Guitar Hero, which we play as a family – kind of cool, cuz we all listen & play together.

Me and Jen have always been huge Tom Petty fans, add that to John Mayer and you get this. We’ve got it on heavy rotation.

It’s a well known fact that I am NOT a Stones fan. However, this song is amazing, and well done by Alicia Keys & Adam Levine.

That’s all for today.

7 thoughts on “Music Monday

  1. Becky

    The video isn’t available anymore so I couldn’t watch it, but that’s the John Mayer cover of Free Fallin’ right? I loved his version.

    And ohmygosh that Keys/Levine version of Wild Horses is FANTASTIC. I love that song too. Where was that?

    Beckys last blog post..The Dachshund

  2. alex

    ah dang – I fixed the links, I think. Yes, that is Free Fallin’ – what a great song, never gets old.
    I’m not sure where the Wild Horses was recorded, I just found it on YouTube, looking for a version other than the Stones.

  3. heather

    I LOVE “wild horses” One of my favorite song…Mazzy Star does this song good! Remenber her? I like John Mayers version of Free Falling….My 16 year old son thinks it horrible..Its ruining the classic Tom Petty tune…Funny!

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