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We’re visionizing through how to best utilize our two full time youth pastors & I’d love some input. We have 4 worship experiences each weekend (actually 5 including our new young adult experience called The Movement). We only have 2 programmed youth experiences. So here’s what it looks like:

Saturday 6:00pm (no programmed Youth)
Sunday 8:00am (no programmed Youth)
Sunday 9:30am (Junior High only)
Sunday 11:00am (High School only)
Sunday 6:30pm (Young Adults)

Of course we’d like to see both Junior High and High School ministry at all 5 services, but that might not be realistic. Personally, I’d like to see at least both JH & HS at 3 out of 5 services – and I’m thinking that will be our goal. But what does your church do?

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  1. Peter

    This is how our previous church did things:
    Congregation of about: 2000
    Saturday: 5:30 pm
    Sunday: 8:30, 10:00,
    10:30 & 11:45 am

    Traducción al español disponible en
    nuestros servicio de las 10:30
    (Spanish translation
    available @ 10:30am)

    Nursery – 5th grade

    at all services

    Junior High 6-8th Grade
    Saturday: 5:30pm
    Sunday: 10am

    Senior High 9-12th Grade
    Sunday 11:45 am
    I think since the Jr. High is larger, it allotted another service to them on Saturday.

    I suppose my only concern with adding services in any capacity (being youth, worship or adult) is that if there are not proper resources (e.g. volunteers) set up to accomadate the demand then it runs the risk burning out(the minstry,the pastor, the church). Obviously we all understand that there is a job that needs to be done, done well, nay done very well. But at what cost?
    It is a realistic goal but is it ultimately nessecary? Does it in fact utilize the people that are head of those ministries?

  2. eric

    We have 2 services on Sunday (9:00am & 10:30am).

    We have Youth Services (separate Jr. High & High School) @ the 10:30 service only. It’s our weakest youth event.

    We have 411 on Tuesday nights from 7-8:30. Jr. High meets @ one house, High School at another. Every 3 months we’ll do a combined service.

    We started 411 as a combined Tuesday night service in our High School Pastors garage with about 30 kids. We just recently split them up. I didn’t want to, but our Youth Pastors did… They were right. Both groups have now grown to 30+ kids because of it. Now our combined gatherings are packed.

    My suggestion would be rather than push what you or your Pastor thinks is most effective, sit with them and help them build their own vision. What are they good at? How do they most effectively minister? It might not be in a large group setting.

    If they can’t do that then you need to teach them how; or simply find some different Youth Pastors.

  3. Peter

    “If they can’t do that then you need to teach them how; or simply find some different Youth Pastors.”


  4. Billy Chia

    the church I came from ran around 3k on the weekends. The did
    Sat 6pm – No Programmed Youth
    Sun 9am – sr. and jr. high
    Sun 10:40am – No Programmed Youth

    The goal was actually get families to stick around for 2 hours on Sunday morning. The first hour was for youth specific stuff and the idea was that parents would serve or go to a class and then they’d worship as a family at 10:40. A big trend in the church was kids graduating high school and graduating faith altogether – “youth group” looked so different from “big church” when they go to college they didn’t know how to plug in.

  5. Fred McKinnon

    Hey man, our Junior High has the 11:00 AM slot called “Rush Hour” on Sunday AM. The high schoolers have “Inside Out” on Wed. PM.

  6. WorshipCity

    We have a congregation of about 400.
    Sun 9AM – Middle School only
    Sun 10:45 – No youth activities
    Sun 4:30 – No church but both Middle School and High School meet.

    We’ve identified that 9AM is probably a bad time to have youth in the morning if we can only do it at one time we should do it at 10:45 so we’re looking to do that either in the summer or the fall. We encourage High school to serve in the mornings.

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