That’s right, we’re moving. Just across town though.

We sold off or gave away most of our furniture – which most of it had been given to us anyway. We garage saled whatever else we could, and we’re ready to move from a 3000 square foot home into a 1200 square foot condo – quite drastic, but we’re really excited about downsizing.

Anyway, many of you already know about this and have offered to help – so here’s the details.

  • We’re going to move on Friday, January 29th and Saturday, the 30th
  • On Friday it’s just going to be low key moving some boxes and stuff throughout the day…
  • On Saturday we’ll start at 9am & move the rest which isn’t too much, some kitchen furniture, beds, a dresser, a couple other small pieces of furniture & whatever is in the garage, bikes, storage boxes, tools, etc.

It should be a fun move (if there’s such a thing). Anyone with a truck is more than welcome – I’ll have some beverages both days & we’ll probably order pizza for lunch on Saturday. Call me, email me, or leave me a comment if you plan on coming or have any questions.

6 thoughts on “Moving!

  1. Kevin

    UMMMM, I think I am busy both days, isn’t that weird? Sorry I can’t help! Just Kidding. I will most likely have time to help, I will let you know which days, if not both. Will those beverages consist of beer 🙂 Happy moving!

  2. Papa Bob

    I am working on Friday and Saturday I have an elder board meeting all day so I guess I can’t help although I would have liked to. Sorry…..

  3. Chris Stout

    Depends on when my friends Memorial Service for his dad is…I’ll let ya know. But you can have my truck regardless if I’m there or not.

    Chris Stouts last blog post..Clean House

  4. Greg Maitrejean

    Of course I’ll be there Saturday… I’ll stay and help as long as work permits(on-call weekend), but should be through midday at the least!!

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