More Wisdom from Craig Groeschel

4 things he wants to know about his staff:

  1. How are you doing spiritually?
  2. Who is speaking into your life?
  3. How is your family doing?
  4. When is the last time you failed?

I think these are amazing questions because none of them have anything to do with church ministry – except the last one, but it talks about failure. We want productive and effective people on our teams, but so many times we don’t spend the time developing them. We just hire someone based on some interviews, recommendations, or education and then expect them to perform. I’m of the mindset that a healthy church is led by a healthy staff, which consists of healthy people. How best can we foster that? I think by asking these types of questions and spending time developing them.

What do you think? 

One thought on “More Wisdom from Craig Groeschel

  1. Brad

    Totally agree with the above statements. Failing has to be a safe place to land every now and again.

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