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Continuing in our venue saga, Life Unplugged (previous posts here, here, and here, plus I’m listening/watching IKE news on Fox News from Houston right now, so I may be a little absent minded). Anyway, I spent the evening with my good friend and tech guru, Chris Stout, and the Tech Director for Life Unplugged, Rachel Carpenter. We already pretty much set up the room – well actually, we just set everything in there. Tonight we continued plugging things in seeing how everything would work.

Chris was over there the other night hanging a screen and checking out the projector. Great news for us, the projector was a 3500 lumen – so that’s bright enough for a good picture in a dark room.

So we launch on Sunday. We’re calling it a preview – and will call it that until we really get our groove on. We’ve never had a rehearsal in the building – we haven’t even at this point even plugged in a guitar to see what it sounds like. That’s ok, it’ll happen. And that my friends is who I am. I’m the guy who makes things happen. It’s just a core value of who I am – I make things happen. Like this for instance… [warning: boring tech stuff ahead]

This is Inland Valley Church’s rig. We are blessed enough by them to use it for this venue. Tonight was the first time I was able to fire it up and see what it was made of. We have to be able to play a DV source for the teaching, at least temporarily until we get a decent DVD recorder or the ability to go live. So I was stoked to see that there was a Kramer switcher… Bummer was that it’s not working properly. For whatever reason only one video source works, and the audio is not working either.

So after messing around with it for an hour I decided to take the DVD player, the Kramer, and the VCR, all out of the rack (it’s not accessible from the back). After a quick look I, I plugged the DVD player into the VCR, and then the VCR into the one good video channel on the Kramer. The audio is going straight out of the VCR into the sound console. Then I was able to plug our DV cam into the front inputs of the VCR – wala, it worked like a charm.

So basically we’re using the VCR as a video switcher. The Kramer is only used to send things out VGA to the projector – and the computer is on the VGA channel. A weird setup, but like I said before – it works.

So, as long as we get a good recording of Saturday night – the tech portion of Life Unplugged, the worship lyrics & backgrounds, and the teaching should be set.

Of course, Chris is working on using Ustream to go live. I think he’s crazy, but I still love him! Here’s some additional photos taken from my phone, so they’re not so great, but they’ll give you an idea of what wer’e working with.

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