Monday Music Vids

Surfin’ Youtube checkin’ out music, inspired by this guy. I know most of you won’t take the time to watch them all, so I’ll keep it short – you may just find something you like.

Peter Gabriel: Blood of Eden
This wins the “Video Killed the Radio Star” award. I think if you can close your eyes or open something else you might like this song, beautiful swells, drums, and harmonies. He sings this with Sinead O’Conner, but live he sang it with Paula Cole, which I liked much better – and live it’s amazing because you are focused on the stage show, which is much less goofy.

So after writing all that I found the Paula Cole version, with none other than Manu Katche on drums, one of the world’s great drummers, and bass legend, Tony Levin.

David Gilmour: Coming Back to Life
I can’t figure out which version I like better, so here are both. The “Live from Albert Hall” electric version, and the acoustic version from the “Meltdown” concert. I don’t think Gilmour needs much of an introduction from me, but he was a member of Pink Floyd and he has continued to write amazing music – and actually, in my opinion, gotten better and better. I don’t think there is another artist out there that plays and sings quite with his style and tone, and definitely no one his age! Enjoy:

That’s all for today folks!

One thought on “Monday Music Vids

  1. ed

    Hi Alex, thanks for the link back to my blog.

    I have always enjoyed Peter Gabriel, back to his days with Genesis. He is a very intense performer. I do, in general, prefer live performances. Most videos do tend to be a little hocky, and if I want a recored version I have my iPod.

    I had not heard the song before. I like the line “Is that a dagger or a crucifix in your hand?”. That can be a very important question.

    For a concert I prefer the more vamped-up up electric sound. For something more intimate, like a club, or on TV, I usually prefer the acoustic versions of songs.

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