Momentary Laspe of Reason

No, this isn’t a post about Pink Floyd or David Gilmore (although that would be excellent). This is just an apology to all the readers. Apparently my mysql database went down early last week. Then to make matters worse, I forgot to renew my godaddy account and they took me offline. So all is good now – all my “Ragamuffin Week at BetterThanBlank” posts are up (which is a bummer because they were supposed to automatically post while I was gone). I’ll be back up and running in a couple days with a ton of blogging on my Tiger Cruise, Andy Stanley’s “Next Generation Leader”, and what God is doing in my life right now.

Thanks for your patience!

3 thoughts on “Momentary Laspe of Reason

  1. alex

    Thanks Peter! Good to be back in the blog world!
    Will, the feeling is mutual my deep southern fried friend!

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