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jefdSo today I went to lunch with Jeff Dykhouse and Karl Verkade (our Music Director). Jeff is somewhat of a local legend. He’s a sound, acoustics, recording, A/V, guru. He’s helped setup a lot of our local churches and has a recording studio, and just is an all around nice guy. So I bought him a burrito and he shared his wisdom with Karl and I.

What we were discussing was the use and/or need for drum enclosures, lighting rigging, stage acoustics, podcasting, etc. It was a great informative time that I was recording for my podcast – I was stoked! We talked for about an hour and I got it all on computer – then my computer ran out of batteries. I thought, no worries, I’ll just come home, plug it in and finish it up.

Well I opened up Garage Band and lo and behold, the file says its over 400mb, but there is no audio track in the file. Oh well. I do want to pimp out Jeff’s site at worshimix.com – He’s a super guy who really enjoys helping churches and ministries get off on the right foot when it comes to sound and A/V. He helped me redesign our worship room to be a little better acoustically and aesthetically as well!

Thanks Jeff and Karl for a great day! I hope I can remember everything we discussed!

One thought on “Missing Podcast

  1. Billy Chia

    Rough man. One time I shot tons of video at a social justice youth retreat Friday and Saturday. I then pulled an all nigher Saturday to edit the video down so it could be played for closing worship on Sunday. Sunday morning after vid got done rendering my computer crashed and the entire project disappeared into that great big computer file graveyard in the sky. Your podcast is in a better place now chillin’ out with Jesus and my social justice vid.

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