Miles, the next David Beckham?

We signed Miles up for soccer, yup we are soccer parents now – God help us! The coolest thing is that Vince is his coach, which means his daughter AJ is on the team, and Joshua (Eric’s son) is on his team (both GREAT friends of Miles) – How cool is that? Tonight we ran by Chick’s and spent $40 on new shin-guards, cleats, socks, and a soccer ball. He loved it! Here’s a couple pics of him:




5 thoughts on “Miles, the next David Beckham?

  1. Mama

    Thats my boy…. watch out cuz this soccor mom’s comin out of the gates swinging!!!!!

  2. Chris Stout

    With his energy level, he should play a forward possition. That’s why I was a full back or goalie! ;p

  3. auntie em

    God this kid is cute…i cant wait till his first game!!!

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