Miles & Macy Update

Today Miles had a play date with his friend Brandon. He was so excited last night that he did this before he went to sleep.


In case you can’t figure it out that’s him and his friend dressed completely, underwear and all. Heads made of blocks and two light sabers, red & blue.


When I got home from work today Miles had these drawings all laid out for me to see. And in case you can’t tell those are all Transformers – the whole gang.

And lastly, here’s a couple pictures of Macy. The first one, we’re shopping at the local WinCo, the second one – she’s transformed herself into the bearded lady with a marker.



And lastly, here they are at Keyways Winery in Temecula on an amazing winter day – did I mention we’ve had the most incredible weather ever here in SoCal?


3 thoughts on “Miles & Macy Update

  1. Auntie Em

    I seriously almost cried when I saw those pics of Miles creations…I dont think its possible to BE any cuter. Please send him some emmy love. You have no idea how much I love these two angels…

  2. lisi

    Aw…its hard to believe we are related to those two, they get freakin cuter every time I see them.

  3. Mom

    Ah, memories – Alex, how many times did I have to wipe marker off your face, your arms, your legs…and other places…. looks like the kids are following in your footsteps but they get their looks from their Mom!

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