Miles Looses His First Tooth!

Well it’s about time! He’s had a loose tooth for over a month and tonight, with a little help from Dad, Miles lost his very first tooth! We’re all so excited – it’s one of those milestones. Here’s a little video to commemorate the event!

Miles First Tooth! from alex mclean on Vimeo.

So, Jen just got done gluing some glitter to a couple dollar bills (man, inflation is good!), and I just got done replacing the tooth with the bills – can’t wait to see him in the morning!

6 thoughts on “Miles Looses His First Tooth!

  1. alex

    Update: Miles just woke up to go pee and found his fairy dust bills! He was SO excited!

  2. Mahmo

    I love the fairy dust bills-you guys are so creative-I think Jen and Kevin got a quarter!!!! Sorry!!!
    Give kids a hug

  3. Alex's Mom

    Sorry, Alex, you never got fairy dust on your quarters….would have been hard to put them in the games at Chuck E. Cheese! Congrats Miles!

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