I look at my son and am just amazed at what God has blessed us with… every day. The joy and responsibility of being a dad is something I wouldn’t trade for anything – and how loving is my heavenly father that he would offer me this experience! Anyway, two weeks ago Friday, Miles tested for his Yellow Belt. Here’s a little video of him doing his White Belt form (Miles is on the right):

Miles White Belt Form from alex mclean on Vimeo.

And last Friday, he receieved his Yellow Belt! Jen and I were there with his sitster Macy along with his Mamo Barbara and Papa Bob. We’re so dang proud of him! Here’s a little video of him receiveing it (bummer, we left our decent camera at home, so this is TreoVideo):

Yellow Belt from alex mclean on Vimeo.

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  1. tam

    so what would you say has been the single most beneficial thing Miles has learned from this so far?

    congrats too!!

  2. Wow, all the McCleans are super talented :) Congrats Miles! Looking great.

  3. writetools

    Great job Miles

  4. we really like that he is learning commitment & respect. He has to say 'yes sir' & 'yes m'am' in all his classes, and he's also really proud of earning the belt.

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