Miles Graduates from Kindergarten!

May 28th, 2009. Miles is no longer a kindergartner – he’s now headed for first grade!

I can remember when Jen and I used to talk about when Miles would be in Kindergarten and now he’s done, a chapter of his life done and a new one opening.

We’re so proud of him, he’s just plugging along, just being a little boy. Here’s some photos of the occasion:

And here’s his teacher giving him his little diploma (unedited):

Miles K Graduation from alex mclean on Vimeo.

Just a small plug, we were STOKED on our choice to send Miles to Santa Rosa Academy for his Kindergarten year. The school totally accommodated his pace of learning, placing him in the 1st grade class for reading & writing, and allowing him to grow at his own comfort level. His teachers were awesome as well. We’re looking forward to having him in Rancho Community Christian School for first grade!