Miles got a 50

Not sure how this will change our lives but Miles got a 50 for Christmas from his mamo & papa. Here’s a little video of him doing his thing on it.

That was a couple days ago. Today he had his first crash, coming around the corner too fast he flew off the bike and it rolled on top of him. He ate dirt and had tire tracks on his back, other than that, he was ok. Whew!

5 thoughts on “Miles got a 50

  1. Auntie Em

    goodness he grew up fast! this makes me sooo nervous to watch! I am gonna be the worst parent when it comes to this stuff…

  2. lisi

    Oh My I had no idea my little nephew got one of “those” ! Better not let him go faster than 15 mph…

  3. Mom

    Yah, James – you’re right – I STILL wouldn’t let you have one of those. This to the guy who spent half his life in the emergency room. Is there ANY spot on your that hasn’t had stitches?

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