Miles 6 Year Old Birthday (part 3)

For the last part of Miles’ Birthday (parts 1 & 2) I wanted to post some of our favorite pictures of our little man (in no particular order).

One thing we always remember about Miles is that he was and is such a happy little boy! This picture just shows him at his best, a big ol’ smile.

This is Miles on his “Go-Go” (his battery powered quad). Mr. Personality all the way.

A little out of focus, but one of Jen’s favorites. Me and Miles set up the tent in the backyard for an overnighter – it was awesome.

Here’s Miles on a drumset that is WAY out of my tax bracket – at Guitar Center.

And this is Miles (much younger) on a more ‘affordable’ set of drums.

Here he is at his 5 year old birthday, just one year ago.

One of my favorite pictures! This is the day he got like 5 shots at the doctor. Anyway, here’s his reaction when I told him what this cup was for…

And this is a cool picture of 3 generations of McLean’s. From left to right: Uncle Bo, Uncle Travis, Miles (McLean #3), Me (McLean #2), and my Dad (McLean #1)