Miles 6 Year Old Birthday (part 1)

Last night we celebrated Miles’ 6 year old birthday Star Wars style. He had a total blast. Now I’m just sitting back thiking on how blessed we are, and him too…

We spent the early morning at Starbucks, where we treated Miles to a kids hot chocolate (Macy got a chocolate milk). We got to spend about a half hour sitting outside enjoying the morning as a family. I wonder how many more of these we’ll get to enjoy.

After work, I came home and it was all about getting the house ready for the party. Jen had spent the day cleaning inside, so we all spent the rest of the day cleaning up the back yard, which included: cleaning up Java poop, cleaning off the patio, cleaning off kid toys, spraying each other with water, running through the sprinklers, and researching spiders.

Then it was nap time for the kids (I wish it had been for the adults too). Jen went and ran some last minute errands while I wrapped a couple presents and some other honey-do list things. Before we knew it it was 6pm and all Miles’ friends & family showed up.

Then it was craziness for the next three or so hours. Lot’s of friends, family, an awesome custom cake baked by our good friends Peter & Jami, crazy games, star wars, transformers, & a ton of fun!

By the time the party was over we were wiped out. But after we said goodbye to our last friends & family, it was time to open up the presents (which is quite a task these days that includes wire cutters), transform transformers, build legos, put batteries in, and of course, try out Star Wars the Force Unleashed! Me and Miles stayed up until about 11pm, Macy and Mama turned in a little earlier.

I savored every minute of this birthday. I’m really enjoying watching Miles grow up and turn into the little boy he is. More on that next…

Thank You to everyone who has loved Miles and our family so much – we are blessed beyond belief.

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