Merry wii Christmas!

Well, a very big Merry Christmas from us to all of you! Hope your day is filled with joy and good times! Here’s a little video of our morning – we got a family wii for Christmas as well as a few gifts for the kids – what a great morning!

Here’s Miles in his Bionicle getup and Macy in her new helmet.

How was your Christmas morning?

3 thoughts on “Merry wii Christmas!

  1. Mulled Vine

    Well that went by pretty quickly! 😉

    Ours did too, but Boxing Day brings more fine eating and tv watching.

  2. Auntie Em

    Dude. I frekin love the wii!!!! How did you like my bowling score?? Now I just need to work on my tennis skills…btw my right arm is sooooo sore today. Thanks for letting us hang! Im glad my husband was able to be your entertainment for the evening 🙂

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