Meet Ryan Stout

If you’ve been readin’ the blog for a while you know that one of my very best friends, Chris Stout, is currently deployed with our armed forces (not sure how much I can say – so that’s it). We’ve been friends for a couple years now and he is an amazing guy with a huge heart, beautiful wife, and a 9 month old little boy. I can’t even imagine being away from my kids for longer than a few days and this guy’s been gone for quite a few months, all in the name of duty – amazing. I’m so thankful for him and for men and women like him who never get the thanks and respect they deserve. Anyway, this is me and Ryan hanging out at Macy’s birthday the other night.

Say a prayer for Chris and his family today if you are reading this.

2 thoughts on “Meet Ryan Stout

  1. Greg Maitrejean

    He has our prayers- as do all who serve so selflessly in the US Armed Forces. I also have a thought and prayer for the ones that are doing “the hardest job in the military”- namely, the spouses (NOT JUST WIVES!!!!) who stay home and hold the family together. Theirs’ is one of the least appreciated and understood aspects of the lives that involve the military. God Bless them all.

  2. stephanie (chris' wife)

    Thank You Alex for that. I know Chris can see your blog and he really liked that. We will see you Sunday.

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