Meet Rocco DeLuca

Yeah so I’m name dropping, so what? I was cruisin around the web tonight and ran into Rocco again via Myspace (ew). I check my myspace like once every two months. I just thought I’d share a little trivia here on the blog tonight. I went to Lake Elsinore High School for the last two years of high school. When I moved down to SoCal from NorCal I wasn’t a happy camper. I left a ton of great friends, a great church, and just what I thought was a great life. So my last two years of high school were not really that exciting.

I do remember however sharing a class with this guy Rocco. And he was a “cool cat”. I was a total dork. But I loved music, LOVED music. And somehow we started talking and became friends on that “acquaintance” level. He was in a band called “Black Current” (had a beast of a drummer – Phoenix, who was also a cool guy). I do remember that we shared an affinity for blues guitar, and rock & roll. I was a budding drummer and a dabbling guitarist. Anyway I remember chatting with Rocco a lot, and the guy was genuine & passionate about music. I think I remember seeing the band a couple times, I can’t really remember that far back.

All this to say that it was cool to catch him on VH1 a couple years ago and hear that he was buddies with “Jack” from 24 – one of my all time favorite shows. And it was cool to hear that he had an album out that sounded pretty amazing. I tried really hard to get out to see him when he was touring around, but just couldn’t do it. Maybe we’ll catch him this year.

Here’s a little taste of Rocco Deluca & The Burden – this video’s a little raw, but it has the best feel:

This one’s a bit more “poppy”

Network debut on the Craig Fergusun Show:

If you’re ready for something passionate & a little different from your every day rock & roll, go check him out – it’ll be worth it. He’s even got a blog – awesome. Hey Rocco, if you ever need a sit-in drummer in SoCal, I’m your man!

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  1. Peter

    Jami loves his music… It has grown on me a little. I don’t know for some reason his voice bothers me. But pay no attention to me though… just a humble listener

    Peters last blog post..Bands I like!

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