McLean, Olds, KirkP

Had lunch yesterday in Corona with Rich Kirkpatrick & Matt Olds. Matt’s really tall, but other than that he’s a great guy with a good heart. We enjoyed a hearty lunch at BJ’s & talked all things ministry and stuff. Rich pontificated, Alex cursed, and Matt put up with us, so all in all I’d say it was a success.

If you don’t know Rich or Matt, you should get to know them. Matt is the Worship Pastor at Central Community Church in Riverside, and Rich is the Worship Pastor at Sunridge in Temecula. Networking is crucial for ministry – what we do is so specialized, it’s hard to “talk shop” and learn new ideas & philosophies when you’re stuck in your own bubble. If anyone is in the SoCal area and wants to hook up, drop me a line.

4 thoughts on “McLean, Olds, KirkP

  1. James

    Alright, sir, let’s do some networking. I’m in Irvine. Somewhere in the middle? Ontario? Corona? Holler back yo…

  2. Rich Kirkpatrick

    I thought I was the one who cursed and you were the one who pontificated? That’s what happens when we passed on cool draft beer. Shame. (Oh boy, I actually sound like I pontificated!)

  3. WorshipCity

    “Matt’s really tall, but other than that he’s a great guy with a good heart.”

    Ha! How short are you Alex to make that comment 🙂 I love it!

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