Martina McBride Mic Choice

sm58Me and Jen love watching live music whenever we can. Lately that has been restricted to live television events, just because of budget and kids. So we watch all the music awards we can find and this usually includes a host of country music shows, which my wife is a big fan of. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always said that some of the best live sound comes from country music, especially drums, acoustic guitars, and vocals.

Anywho… I always notice that Martina McBride almost always uses a standard, wired, Shure SM58 (not even a Beta). When all the other vocalists are using the latest and greatest of wireless gear, she’s standing there with a $100 microphone. I wonder why?

5 thoughts on “Martina McBride Mic Choice

  1. Jon

    I use more expensive mics as well, I normally go wireless. BUT.. when you get down to it, along with everything I’ve heard.. you can’t beat the 58.

  2. Steve Eller

    The workhorse of microphones. The cool thing is that you can drop them on concrete, and they still work. Believe me, I beat the snot out of my equipment. That is why I own them.

    I like the 58 but I opted to spend about $50 more for the Beta 58A. Maybe it is just me, but it seems to have more presence. I guess that is what you get for the extra money. 🙂

  3. Fred

    Martina could sing in one of those Fisher Price microphones .. the plastic ones that have the curly phone cord connection to the little speaker … and she would still sound GREAT. (and she wouldn’t look that bad, either).


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