Marriage Retreat

This weekend we held our first Marriage Retreat in the history of LifeChurch. We did a dual retreat; Overnight in Palm Desert for those who wanted to, and at LifeChurch for those who couldn’t get out of town. It was an awesome time for us personally and I think everyone had a blast and grew closer as couples. Here’s a few pictures from the weekend.

It was flipping HOT! I guess that’s why they call it the ‘desert’. Me and Jen always have discussions about the heat whenever we go somewhere hot. She loves it, I don’t. I’m Scottish, red hair, and about as white as they come. I literally get sunburnt in 2 minutes flat! Jen tans. She loves the sun, and the sun loves her. So we try and find an area by the pool where there’s shade for me and sun for her…

Some desert wasteland between Temecula and Palm Desert – it’s a place called Anza Valley. There’s NOTHING out here!

Looking down into Palm Desert from HWY 74, the super windy mountain road.

And this is me teaching from Palm Desert to our people at LifeChurch in Temecula (it’s really Murrieta, but we all call it Temecula). Anyway, we used and it worked beautifully! I brought my MBP, a Sony HDV Camera, a wireless lapel, & tripod and we were good to go! I was so stoked that this worked – it really made us feel together even though we were about 100 miles apart. I had to teach someone really quickly how to broadcast using Ustream, and they forgot to hit the ‘record’ button so it’s not available, oh well.

Most importantly it was a great weekend for couples. And for Jen and I, well, we came home feeling encouraged and very close. I love my wife so much and am so blessed to have such an amazing woman as my partner and best friend.

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  1. alex

    Kristen, I showed Jen your blog and she totally knows you! What a small world! I’m sure you’ll be hearing from her soon. Thanks for stopping by.

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