Marc Cohn Shot in 2005

Um, where was I? I was listening to Mark & Brian this morning and they had Marc Cohn on, and I heard something like, “After I got shot I began to write again”. I was like “huh?”. So anyway I googled it this evening and sure enough, in 2005 while on tour some crazy meth-head shot him in the head! (Check out his guitarrists blog on it). And he survived – actually walked out of the hospital the next day! I must have really been out of touch, because I love Marc Cohn’s music and should have caught that one.

Do you remember “Walkin’ in Memphis”?

One thought on “Marc Cohn Shot in 2005

  1. James

    I’m a huge Marc Cohn fan, and I remember hearing about this a few days after it happened. I’ve not seen him live yet, but whenever he next passes through So Cal, I’m there.

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