Mad Church Disease in Socal

Last night was a great night. Jen and I joined Rich & Tammy, and Chad & Sarah at Skosh Monahan’s for some great food and a great time of just hanging out and talking life. Before we knew it, it was time to head over to Mariners Church, where we were going to check out Anne Jackson & Shaun Groves.

I’m not really sure how to explain the night. It was raining – which is weird for SoCal. It was cold. The lights were low – people seemed to be talking in hushed voices. There were couches, pillows on the floor, snacks & coffee – very casual. Once people started getting settled the ‘official’ program began.

Shaun sang some really cool stuff – I admit, I’m not really familiar with his stuff, so it was a bit foreign – but that was refreshing. He was playing some kind of open tuning and just sounded really cool. I really liked his version of Amazing Grace – whatever that was.

Daley Hake was doing his thing. Jen thought he had the coolest hair. I must agree.

Anne read from her book & shared some of her stories. Then a video from Compassion. Then Shaun shared about his story a little. It was a refreshing time – very mellow, very touching.

I’m super thankful for the time that me and Jen could just get away and hang out & meet some very cool people. It was great to hang with the Kirkpatrick’s & the Markley’s. It was also great to see the Eller’s (he’s the guy who brought us dinner when we were at SD Children’s Hospital with Macy). We got to meet a bunch of other twitters and bloggers and it was just a great night over all.

Speaking of Steve, he recorded a little video of the night on his new Kodak – awesome! Check it out:

Mad Church Disease Reading and Shaun Groves Concert from keydin on Vimeo.

I got to meet Mike Foster (Deadly Viper) – felt kind of crummy because I totally didn’t put the pieces together – but he was really cool regardless.

I also got to meet Crystal (PinkHairedGirl – she didn’t have pink hair), who I’ve always heard about – now in person, cool.

And, of course, Anne signed her book to me and Jen. Nice.

Here’s some pictures from the evening – I left my good camera in the car, so these are just Treo shots. I took a bunch of pics of the facility because it was insane – and it was their youth building…

So, what did we take away from the night?

  • We’re blessed to know some very cool & genuine people
  • We were challenged by the idea of valuing ‘rest’ (it’s been a lesson we’ve been learning for the past few years)
  • We were encouraged by the message of simplifying life – something we’ve been doing over the past year.
  • We want to do more to give. we want to teach our children the value of giving. we want our lives to be a part of something bigger than McMansions & cars & TV & phones…
  • I made a bunch of new FaceBook friends
  • We’re going to sponsor a child for sure & share together as a family what it means to give and help others.

I want to encourage you to read Mad Church Disease if you are or ever have been burned out. I talk to far too many people who are in the church or in ministry who either are burned out or on their way – I think this might help.

And lastly, here’s a little YouTube of that song that Shaun did called ‘Here I Am’ – and yes it must be from a while ago cuz his hair is really long!

5 thoughts on “Mad Church Disease in Socal

  1. alex

    It was great to see you and your family – and YES you need to get up here for a weekend! You can hit Sunridge at 8:30am then Rancho at 10:45 – then some lunch! Let’s do it soon.

  2. James McLean

    yeah, the concept of rest is a tough one to grasp here in America where we wear our busy and our work on our sleeve. It is actually a virtue here to be busy and always working (although i am not endorsing laziness).
    its tough to sometimes rest as well because often times we can use it as an excuse to be idle or just entertain ourselves, where as true rest helps the person resting to come back to things restored and prepared.
    anyway, i am rambling. looks like it was a cool event! i have always been a fan of shaun groves and i would like to read mad church disease at some point.

    James McLeans last blog post..A Timeline of Grace

  3. Karl

    Sorry, brother, I’m totally gonna skip over the whole mad church disease thing, because…

    Skosh Monahan’s is amazing!! And they have a gluten free menu, for all you OC green’s out there.

    Karls last blog post..Why We Need Girls

  4. Anne Jackson

    never said thank you for this post and was going through some things and realized it. so thank you. thank you for being there and it was amazing meeting you and your wife!

    i am also shamelessly asking you to post a little review on amazon if you can! it would mean the world to me. and my pub guy. stuff like that brightens our days!

    Anne Jacksons last blog post..Closing Down

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