Macy's Last Day at Adventure Island

We looked long and hard for an affordable Christian preschool that was close enough to us that it made sense to drive to every week for our daughter Macy (this was back when gas was like $5 a gallon!). We ended up at Adventure Island – a preschool that shares a facility with Venture Church, where a good friend of mine is on staff.

We weren’t real sure on what to expect; Miles went to Rancho’s Sonshine Preschool for 3 years and we all loved it! So we had high expectations. All we can say is that we’ve been SO happy to have Macy there. First off, they allowed her to enter a class that she was just a little too young for – but we really felt she was ready for it. Needless to say, she excelled and absolutely LOVED her class & especially her teacher, Mrs. McCarthy (or “Mish Macarphy” as Macy says).

Anyway, since I am now working at Rancho, Macy will be transferring there in a couple weeks, and today was her last day. They made her a little poster, and her teacher sent home a little packet of projects that Macy has completed. Her teacher loved Macy so much and Macy loved her so much and all her little friends.

I guess I just wanted to give Adventure Island and her teacher some props. And just kind of remember Macy’s first preschool experience.

We love our little girl so much!

2 thoughts on “Macy's Last Day at Adventure Island

  1. James McLean

    She is the cutest human being alive on planet earth. Love her and can’t wait to see her soon. I’m not superstitious or anything but “Spot the number 6, 6 times”? really? ha ha ha ha

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  2. Alex's Mom

    She is the most adorable kid in the world – of course they loved her! What wise parents to get her into Christian preschool! LOVE YA, MACY!

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