Macy's Day at UCI

Today we took the long drive into Orange Country to go to Irvine for some testing on Macy. She has Kidney Reflux, which was really scary for a while, but she’s been managing it well for the past year with medicine. Today was another test to see how she was doing – basically they have to fill her little bladder up with saline and then look at it through a camera to see if the fluid goes up into her kidneys – if it does, then that’s bad. It’s a pretty intense procedure for such a little girl. Last year was her first one, today was her second.

We’re not sure who it’s harder on, her or us watching and listening and trying to comfort her. She did so good though – she was a tough little girl. She really didn’t like going under the camera (it’s some sort of nuclear device). She had to slide into a small space and she really cried for her mommy and daddy. But she settled down and took it like a big girl, her blanky helped.

Thanks to all of you who prayed and shared your concern. Macy was fine soon after the procedure, so were mommy and daddy, whew! We’ll know the results of the test soon, hopefully she’s grown out of it, or God has healed her little body!







This last picture is actually her trying to smile for the camera while having her head buried in her momma’s shoulder.

7 thoughts on “Macy's Day at UCI

  1. jen

    Yeah.. it is so hard to see your baby go through that, I just thank God that it is treatable and I pray for the dozen’s of other families there dealing with more stressful situations. Macy you are a true blessing! Thanks for your prayers!

  2. Billy Chia

    What a tough thing for such a small girl. I’d be phreaked if my girl was going through it. We’re praying for you guys.

  3. Scott

    that looks so sad…hope the tests come back and all is well!

  4. Lisi

    Aw, she’s a tough cookie. Always in my thoughts and prayers !

  5. Auntie Em

    Ugh, this brought tears to my eyes, I would do anything to make that little girl happy, please send her a ginormous emmy hug, and tell her I love her so much…

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