Macy's Birthday

Last night we celebrated Macy’s 2 year old birthday by inviting a bunch of friends and family to our home for some food & fun. Our friends, Hudson’s let us use their jumpy for all the little kids and it didn’t matter that it was like 60 degrees with a wind chill factor of minus another 10 – the kids were out there jumping like maniacs. I think at last count there were about 50 bodies running, screaming, eating, drinking, talking, singing, just having a blast; that’s what I call a birthday party and we are so blessed to have great friends and family to help us celebrate it.

Here’s a little slideshow from the night:
And here’s the video of Macy almost crying as we sing (a very out of tune) Happy Birthday to her:

And that picture at the top of the post is Macy with her present from her uncle James, who is in Virginia. Thanks James!

So Macy turning two is really interesting. Miles is 5 now and I’m 33. Life is happening; it’s not waiting for anyone or anything. Jen and I are challenged to embrace every moment we have with these two amazing kids, to love them as hard as we can, to raise them up the best we can, to cherish every hand drawn picture, every dress up costume, every church project, every spilled drink, every hug, every temper tantrum, every skinned knee. God is so good to us – he has allowed us this amazing privilege and joy. We are so unworthy of this amount of happiness.

Our prayer for Macy on her 2 year old birthday is that she would just continue to grow healthy and strong, and that God would continue showing his love and grace through her life.

Happy Birthday Macy Rene!

3 thoughts on “Macy's Birthday

  1. James McLean

    yahhh! she got the present! i was trying to go back to the old school Winnie the Pooh! ha ha!

    it looks like she’s not used to all this hoopla of birthdays and trying to figure out what to do with it all.

  2. Alex's Mom (still nameless after all these years!)

    You guys are doing good! Enjoy each moment and don’t forget to buy a BIG plastic bin to keep all the drawings, awards, favorite toys and report cards in cuz someday your kids will be 33 and you can use it for ammunition! HA HA

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