Macy Update 6.12.08

Many of you have been following Macy’s latest escapades with her foot. Here’s an abbreviated story:

Originally she broke her growth plate on her left tibia. She had it cast and then removed after six weeks. As soon as she got the cast off, she was running around all over the place, trying to keep up with her brother. Then one day (June 9) she took a little fall in the house, on carpet, just playing. She immediately cried and wouldn’t walk on it so Jen and I decided to take her back to the orthopedic doctor to get checked out. After looking at her, he didn’t think there was any new injury and sent us home. Well, that night Macy cried all night long & we obviously knew something wasn’t right. So the next day we took her to her pediatrician, who put a temporary cast on & sent us back to the ortho. The ortho looked over it again and decided that she should have a test. The more that the doctor, the nurses, and her pediatrician talked about the test, the more uncomfortable we were with it. They were using words like, white blood cell count, nuclear medicine, invasive, 2 year old, sedation, crash cart…

After sharing our concerns, our pediatrician agreed and sent us on down to the San Diego Children’s hospital (she’d been there & in Irvine with her kidney reflux last year) – by now it was about 4:00pm. So we called our good friends the Coblentz’ and asked if Miles could hang out – they said no problem, which was awesome (Thank you guys!). steve eller alex mcleanWe got down to SD about 5:30 and began the arduous process of waiting room entertainment for Macy. All of the sudden I got a phone call from my pal, Steve Eller, who was like “Hey! you guys are in my backyard. Do you want dinner?”. I was like, heck ya! (twitter saves the day!) And this guy shot over with some of the best carne asada burritos ever & just some good encouragement, said his family was praying for us (Thank you Ellers!).

The rest of the night was spent in the ER getting xrays, consults, telling the story another 3 times, and trying to draw blood for a lab test. It took them 5 tries; both hands, both arms, and then once again on the arm until they were able to hit a vien. At this point Jen was out of the room and I was trying to be a good dad – but it was rough! She was really brave and really only started crying on the 4th & 5th attempts. Then we waited a couple hours or so for the lab results, which came back perfect (a major answer to prayer!). So they determined that there was a possible contusion, but no infection, and nothing abnormal in her blood work. This was a relief and we headed home at about 11:30pm.

Today. I woke up and picked up Miles from the Coblentz’ home, he was fine – I forgot to mention that this was his first sleepover at a friends house, what a way to remember it! Brought him home, cleaned up and headed into the office. About 10:30am I got a call from Jen saying that we had to be down in SD again by 1:30pm to meet with their Orthopedic Doc. Uh… back at it again. So we sent Miles to his Grandparent’s house and got on the road again. Today was easy but still no definative answers. More xrays, more stories, more no new news. The doctor said there’s definitely something wrong with the leg/ankle/foot, but until we do more testing, we wont know anything. So we’ve got a big test on Monday, and a follow-up on Thursday of next week. Monday’s test is a bone scan that requires her to be injected with some solution, it’s a half day procedure – so we could use your prayers again, it’s gonna be tough on her.

Thanks for all your prayers and for encouraging and helping us!

16 thoughts on “Macy Update 6.12.08

  1. brent(inWorship)

    I admire your patience. I would be struggling with that at this point.

    Glad to see that she is still doing well.

    We’ll be praying for a quick recovery and for the doc’s to figure out everything quickly

  2. The Broes

    Wow–that’s been grueling for you guys:( Parenthood is not for whimps! You and Jen are amazing parents. Little Macy is in our prayers–God’s arms are around His little child.



  4. Fred McKinnon

    Man, we’ve been at Willow Arts Conference, I saw a few tweets, but didn’t have time to grab the full extent of this until today … remember when all that was going on with our Andrew – I’m feeling ya, man … the unrest and concern, I know it … pray all turns out great.


  5. Will Young

    I’m praying for Macy, you and Jen man.

    Word of advice on the bone scan, I’ve had SEVERAL of them, actually for bone problems in the same area as Macy, the injections made me a wee bit woozy, so if she gets woozy don’t worry about it.

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  9. Bernardo Bisby

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