Last week we made our final trip down to Children’s Hospital in San Diego to get Macy’s cast off. And we got great news – completely healed! I chock this up to God’s amazing grace in our lives – things could have been so much different. Jen and I really want to thank all of you who’ve been following along and keeping our little girl in your thoughts and prayers. We had a rough couple months, but it taught us a lot and strengthened our faith. It even worked it’s way into my message a couple weeks ago. So THANK YOU!

If this is all new to you, you can catch up here:

Here’s a little video of Macy talking about her foot being better, walking, and taking a little spill in Catalina:

And here’s some pictures from her day at the Hospital.

Miles being a brave big brother, going to the hospital with his sister

Some close ups of the cast:

getting her cast cut off with the “tickle machine”

the proof! all better!

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  1. i love this girl.

    James McLeans last blog post..The Whiteboard Sessions: Mark Batterson

  2. Adorable! Glad she is doing well.

    Of course I’m jealous that Macy got to go to the beach :)

    brent(inWorship)s last blog post..What Makes A Man…A Man

  3. Can’t wait to tell Joshua! He’s been praying for her everyday.

    erics last blog post..Ragamuffintop Challenge

  4. This is great news – thanks for sharing! So glad Macy is all better .. and I know you are both relieved.

    Fred McKinnons last blog post..Worship Confessional Do’s and Don’ts

  5. Mahmo Schneider

    Had fun in Catalina with the kids-they love the beach, just like Mahmo!!!!!Love all of you.

  6. Alex,

    We’re so happy that Macy is completely healed! I don’t know how I would handle seeing Ryan hurt. You guys are awesome parents and we love your family! Thank you God for healing us and bringing us all together!

    Chris Stouts last blog post..It’s a Boy!

  7. Great news. Cool cast, too. I can only imagine how much a relief this is. Praise God!

    Rich Kirkpatricks last blog post..Web 2.0 can teach you how to lead worship… song "True Love"

  8. Oh Alex, what an answer to prayer! Truly wonderful. I hope that you feel like a huge weight has lifted and that Christ is a live and working great things in your families lives.

    PS I love the new “old” blog format, it’s like an old friend returning home :)

    Amies last blog post..Immersed in the Spirit

  9. Papa McLean

    Thank the Lord our prayers have been answered for Macy. Now she can get back to learning how to ride that tricycle. Make sure she puts on the knee pads,elbow pads and helmet. Love you all. Papa Bob and Mamo Barb

  10. This is so exciting! She is precious!

    Jenni Catrons last blog post..What’s Your Paradigm?

  11. Kendra Watson

    So thankful that she’s ok! Really glad she finally got to get that cast off too…what a cutie pie!

  12. alex

    Thanks everyone – Macy & family feel so loved!

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