Macy Turns 3


On Wednesday, April 8, we celebrated Macy’s third birthday (her actual birthday is the 9th) at Chuck E Cheese. We had a total blast with a bunch of little kiddos & friends. For the record, yes, Chuck E Cheese has every kid germ known to man just begging to infect your child, but with a little anti-bacterial lotion & regular hand washing, you can escape unscathed. That being said, everyone had a ton of fun – especially Macy! Actually, I think her Uncle Kevin had the most fun playing ‘Deal or No Deal’ & Basketball.

Here’s a little slideshow of her day – we got to celebrate her birthday at her school too!

Thanks to everyone who came and spoiled Macy – she loves her friends and family.

As far as thoughts on our little girl turning three? Wow, time is flying. Jen was just talking about how when Miles was three, she was pregnant with Macy. She’s such a cute little girl, and we can see so much of ourselves in her (not sure if that’s good or bad yet). As a dad, my birthday request to all those who love little Macy is just for prayer – that we’d be the best parents we can be for her, and that she would grow into the little girl that God has created her to be.

We love you “Fefe” – happy birthday!