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Here’s the deal: I started out in elementary school on Apple 2C’s and C+’s – they were great. My friend’s dad had a Macintosh, now that was cool! We didn’t have a computer at home, that I can remember until much later and it was a PC. After high school, I got a job doing graphic design for a sign shop and they used CorelDraw on PC’s. I ate it up & learned everything I could. I bought my own PC, an E-Machines. So I consistantly used PC’s for the next 13 years or so (wow, really?!).

As a graphic designer I always got hounded for not being a Mac person. I just didn’t see the need – everything worked perfectly for me, Photoshop being my new program of choice. Then I started getting into video editing; now I really got the pressure to switch to Mac. But honestly, I have been editing video now for about 5 years on a PC, now a 3 year old PC (which is ancient by today’s standard). And everything is great! I NEVER crash, seriously… The only complaint I have is that rendering takes a while. But all I need to do is get a new processor, or more RAM and that thing would scream.

All this to say – I am just trying to keep an open mind in this whole argument. We decided to go Mac for our presentation, and while we did, we just decided to get the best we could – so we go the Powerbook Pro 2.2Gh with 2G of RAM. Not cheap!

Like I said – it looks cool. Isight rocks. Imovie is cool for quick little videos (I love the time lapse). It is definitely quicker, but anyone who knows computers knows that a brand new computer is always quicker. The lit keys are awesome, as is the magnetic power cable. But really other than that… seems like a high price to pay for the fancy doo-dads. Of course I think in music and graphics industry it is like a price you pay to be taken seriously. I’d rather have my art or music stand as a testament, than a shiny apple laptop.

I’m not complaining – just thinking out loud. So we’ll keep going down this road and see where it takes us. I feel “cool” opening up a powerbook, but almost in a superficial way because the other half of me knows that I could get way more for way less… maybe.

So anyway, for all those who thinks Mac’s never crash, here’s the update: I’ve had this laptop for about 2 weeks and it has crashed 3 times now. And I am not hard on this thing at all, just surfing the web and running Pro-Presenter. I think my Dell 700m (that is now about 3.5 years old) has crashed about 3 times in it’s whole life. Also, I am not happy with the battery life at all. I got the extended battery for my Dell and it can run a solid 4-6 hours doing web/email stuff. This Mac only lasts about 2 hours. I’ll have to test it more to get specific times. Maybe there’s an extended battery for the Mac.

So I am on the fence, how about you?

14 thoughts on “Mac vs. PC

  1. Billy Chia

    Yeah I feel left out all the time for not having a Mac. Thanks for a little objective perspective.

  2. Fred McKinnon

    Bottom line .. if your Mac isn’t behaving, you just aren’t talking nice to her. Remember, unlike PC’s … Macs have a personality … a soul, so to speak. Speak to her, caress her, and once she trusts that you’ve divorced your Dell completely, she’ll be genuine to you.

  3. jaybrams

    i get so tired of the MacAddicts … listen, i love macs, i’ve owned them for 4 years and worked on them for 7 years…

    but, seriously, to each his own… the truth is there are benefits to both. I personally like the benefits of the Mac better, but like you mentioned, you can produce quality work on the PC just as well as others do on the mac.

    The only reason PCs have more viruses / issues is because Macs have not been mainstream. Now that they are becoming more so, there are going to be issues… and Macs can basically be turned into “open source” computers more readily than PCs so there is potential for even larger security risks in the future.

  4. Leslie Brooke

    I’m in agreement with you…I do have a Mac that I like (it’s a 5 yr. old iBook) but I don’t think that it’s any better than the old Dell PC I used to use. My hubby (The Tone Guru) has a new MacBook that he’s starting to hate (thank you, Garage Sale) and he’s dying to get back to PC, me thinks.

    P.S. Don’t listen to Fred 😉 He’s totally brainwashed by the “Mac Cult”!

  5. alex

    Fred – I believe Leslie, you drank the Kool-Aid!

  6. Chris

    If I could have a mac with windows hardware, I think that would be awesome!

  7. eric

    The verdict is still out for me. However, I’d say that if your mac is crashing on you, you should consider sending it back… It has a warranty, right? Doesn’t seem right.

    I’ve only worked on a G5, a Powerbook and now the Macbook Pro. But I’ve never had one crash on me. Sometimes the G5 would lock up on me when we were running Pro-Tools, but I’d just wait a little while and it’d come right out of it.

    I hate to say it, but I kind of agree with Fred… show her the love! 😉

  8. alex

    Eric drank the Kool-Aid too…

    watch for a new post.

  9. Chris

    You know, my parents were in the printing industry and started out with a Mac Plus with an external 20 MB hard drive. They made it all the way up to G4’s and my Dad finally got so disgusted with the Mac, he went to the dark side. My mom on the other hand just will not give up her Mac. She kicked and screamed every time we upgraded her. She’s got a G4 laptop of some sort now and absolutely loves it. It crashes much less then my dad’s did for her. I think he was just impatient and was always pushing it just a little bit harder then it was designed. When he upgraded, it was perfect. Then he’d find some other way to do it, etc.

    Only reason I switched was for games…Now that I just surf, e-mail, and type occasionally, I kinda want to go back!

  10. Jay Sellers

    It’s a tool, it’s a tool, it’s a tool, tool, tool.

    If your hammer crashed, you’d just get a better hammer.

    I just wish that Dyson vacuum cleaner dude would make a computer. I’m sure he’d find a way to beat them all.

  11. swissfondue

    @jay My Dyson has a broken hose and the cord will not re-wind anymore. If you married Dyson and Apple, you’d get a plastic multicolor laptop with a see-through window so you can watch the fans spin 😉

    Applications crash on my 12″ powerbook and my 3.5 year old iMac G4, from time to time, but very rarely will I get a fatal kernel panic (only when trying out some new freeware).

    I still edit media with final cut express HD and photoshop elements on both machines. Works fine.

    I just love the feel I get on my Macs. My PC at work is functional, but not fun. My Mac is both.

    You are right, it’s just a computer. But then usually people don’t buy “just a car” but can go on and on about the various car makers, models and extras, reliability, mpg etc.

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