6 thoughts on “Mac vs. PC: Round 6

  1. Fred McKinnon

    You are hands down somehow mac-cursed, I think .. I’ve NEVER seen or HEARD anything like that b4!

    Seriously, I’ve been saying that for the last 6 mos, my Mac is behaving, too … Firefox is especially a bad culprit … I suspect something is not quite right in the last few OS updates.

  2. eric

    I’d send it back… or try getting rid of firefox. It never worked properly on the G5 that we had…

    I agree with Fred… I think you’re cursed! 😉

    “Choose this day, blessing (MAC) or cursing (PC)” I think it actually says that somewhere in Dueteronomy.

    Maybe you just need to commit! 😉

  3. eric

    Hey, did you know that the macbook has a touch sensative pad? It’s just 2 fingers instead of one!!!

    Sorry, I just realized that… you probably already new…

    That proves it… this thing really is better than a pc!

  4. alex

    different, not better… at least that’s my opinion.

  5. eric

    ahhh… i beg to differ. I think the mouse pad is better because you don’t have to wonder whether you’ve actually activated it or not. If you have 2 fingers on it, it’s activated. The PC touchpad always has you wondering… did I hit it right, is it activated, etc.

    I think it’s better… but that’s just the mouse pad. 😉

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