Mac vs. PC: Round 5

Let’s start with this:

mac crash

  • I started looking at the left side of applications on my Dell today to minimize and close…
  • I have this strange feeling like I don’t want anyone to touch the Macbook Pro – even though it was intended to run our weekend media.
  • I took it for it’s first trip to Starbucks today, and felt like one of those people that goes to Starbucks with their Mac’s.
  • I’m finally getting used to typing on a normal sized keyboard (they Dell has a smaller one).
  • I’m learning that Pro-Presenter really has some options that make it a better choice than Easyworship.

2 thoughts on “Mac vs. PC: Round 5

  1. James

    Oh no! you are becoming one of “those guys”. Please don’t be like that cocky guy from the Mac commercials.

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