Mac vs. PC: Round 2

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Well, today I explored the handy remote control for the Powerbook Pro. I feel like Harry Potter or something – I found the secret: Behold the Apple media nerve center!

Mac wins this round hands down (or hands free). I love this feature! You hit the menu button on your remote and as long as there’s nothing in the way of the IR signal (can someone say Bluetooth?) then your Mac becomes a media marvel jukebox! You can remotely scroll through pictures, music, videos, and DVD content. As long as your media is correctly stored on the computer then it is easily accessible through this process. With a couple clicks you can have a slideshow to show off your family pictures, or you can watch a movie, or you can click through your videos, TV shows, home movies, music, podcasts, and whatever else you’ve got in your library. VERY cool.

Now I don’t know but I imagine that Windows Media Center works a lot like this. So again the question is – is it worth it? You basically pay double for Powerbook Pro for the same thing on a Windows machine. Things are starting to add up on the Mac side though!

4 thoughts on “Mac vs. PC: Round 2

  1. Leslie Brooke

    We also love this feature…we have the hook up that attaches it to our TV, so we spend lots of time watching TV/Movies/etc. from the MacBook!

  2. jaybrams

    gonna keep it going huh? couple of things.

    1.) re: to the people from Rd 1 who want to run windows apps on a mac… you CAN! buy Parrallels on Mac for $79 (i think) and run ANY operating system including all windows operating systems and it will function just like a windows machine. And you can toggle between the Mac and PC operating system. This is NOT like Virtual PC… it is 100x better smooth. Virtual PC is slow and clunky, Parrallels is seemless.

    2.) The cost thing is actually not as it appears. The reason Macs cost more is because they come with better specs. We recently compared a Top of the Line MacBook Pro with a similar custom built Dell to try and match specs and the Dell ended up costing $700 more.

    That said, you can buy lower end Dells/PC for a lot less than the lower end MacBooks. But spec for spec, Macs are actually very competitive, they just don’t offer much on the low end.

    3.) seen both media centers and Mac both are pretty user friendly. But, then again… most people don’t use these things that often…


  3. bobby

    At my last church I had a Macbook Pro and an iMac video editing station in my office. My lead pastor had a Macbook Pro too. Try using that little remote when you have more than one computer in an office. They both read it, and who knows what you’ll end up playing from the other computer!

  4. Chris

    Okay, so my Mom and Dad just flew down here and they are on their way up from San Diego and I got the call, “Do you know where an Apple store is? I forgot my power supply.” After searching the internet and finding that there are few locations around here that carry apple stuff, that might be a negative. Can’t just walk into Best Buy and get a universal power supply I don’t think…

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