:( Mac Update

So I have been messing around with the Macbook Pro (2.2 Intel Duo Core with 2GB or RAM) for a day now, here’s the latest:

The good

  • The packaging is sick
  • It looks like a Porshe (which is good because it costs about the same)
  • Love the magnetic power plug
  • Love the remote (until I lose it)
  • Love the effects / widgets
  • Love the backlit keyboard
  • Love that my Logitech trackball mouse worked immediately
  • Seems pretty fast, but I haven’t loaded the CS software yet
  • Love me that Universe screen saver!

The Bad

  • No touch sensitive pad (for clicking)
  • No right click, although the two finger deal isn’t bad
  • It seems to get way hotter than my Dell 700m

The Ugly

  • The internet is flat not working right; I mean come on man! I am sitting here blogging on a 3 year old Dell (which still rock & roll’s) and I’ve got a brand new Macbook Pro sitting there scoffing at me. Seriously! I did the whole speedband test and everything is perfect. I am hooked up to my home network which is cable through a Linksys router. But “most” pages take days to load, music won’t stream continuously (my own home iTunes network!), some downloads came right through, while others just never even hooked up. I’ve used Safari (which I’ve got a great name for that I can’t share out loud), Firefox, and Camino.

So the computer, other than Pro-Presenter, is pretty much useless right now – it is seriously over there laughing at me. Once I load up CS3 it should be more useful, but for all the hype, I am pretty bummed right now. Maybe I’m the idiot and there is a setting wrong, maybe the wireless card is bad, maybe I could call Apple Care, maybe I could add 4 extra hours to the day, and grow a money tree in the backyard too…

6 thoughts on “:( Mac Update

  1. alex


    I reset my router today, changed the channel and the name of the network. So far so good! This baby is hummin right along.

    And I delved into Pro-Presenter tonight, brilliant program. We’ve been using Easy worship and had no complaints, but this is much more advanced as far as presentation. I really like how you can insert background cues – that was a little surprise. I made the move because you could instantly change video backgrounds – and it was a great excuse to get a mac…!

  2. Jay Sellers

    Being more of an administrative type than a creative type, I’ve had a hard time convincing myself that my 3 month old MacBook is worth TWICE what I spent on my Dell D600. Sure it looks cool and gets more attention that a dude at the beach with a puppy, but it is just a tool to me and it certainly lacks some of the boring-work power of my Dell. (I’ll expect mucho flame mail from Apple cult members now!)

  3. eric

    Got mine yesterday. Lovin’ it. It’s so clean and shiny (and that’s what’s important)!

    Have you figured out how to use the isight for video yet? I know it’s possible, just haven’t figured it out yet.

    By the way Jay, have you picked up Office for Mac yet? If so, then there should be nothing stopping you from doing all of that boring work that you do on your Dell, right there on your MacBook. 😉

  4. alex

    I made my last wc with the isight, just go it imovie and it’s an option. Congrats on the mac – let’s meet up soon and check em out. Did you load Pro Presenter on yours?

    I got office as well…

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