Lunch @ Costco


Where do you go when you’re broke but you want to hang with your bro’s? Costco of course! Polish Dog, Drink & Churro for under $3.00 – that’s what I’m talking about. Yesterday I had the pleasure of a lunch with Peter. I’m in a LifeGroup with him and we just got together to get to know each other better; a ‘first date’ if you will. Peter asked a very dangerous question: “Where can I serve?”.

P.S. – go read Peter’s post, pay close attention to #6. Two words: Chicken Wrap.

4 thoughts on “Lunch @ Costco

  1. Peter

    Polish hot dog and a drink: $1.50
    Churro: .80 cents
    Someone asking how they can get involved: their first child
    Commenting on the guys gross food next to us: priceless

  2. vince

    I prefer Sam’s club, same food…but you et to eat indoors. But either way getting your grub on for 3 bucks is never a bad thing.

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