Lunch at Chuy's

Had lunch today with some worship leaders and pastors, and very good friends: Travis from Impact Church, Eric from Chorus Church, DJ from Tides Church, and Karl, my compadre from Life.

We spoke music, ministry, life, etc. Tim pedals, Taylors, Macphersons, Telecasters, Flying V’s, Suhr’s, Gibson’s, Line 6, 57’s, 58’s, Yamaha, Midas, Allen & Heath, Meyer (yeah RIGHT!), Aviom*, Middle Schools, speaker placement, monitor mixes, worship songs, bands, drummers, sound guys, school owned pianos, money – I’m sure I forgot something. But it was great to connect with all these guys who lead worship in this valley – all great guys with great hearts. We’re pretty lucky to have great relationships, see ya next time!

*Chorus Church: those blokes won a complete AVIOM system – we are all jealous.