5 thoughts on “LOST: The Little Prince

  1. James McLean

    i still want to find out more about whitmore being on the island before and him knowing more about the island than anyone as he claimed. plus i am anxious for claire to come back!

    James McLeans last blog post..A Timeline of Grace

  2. Kevin

    Sometimes I hate reading your blog….I have not seen last weeks episode yet and I already know That Jin is not dead, but alive and well. I also know through your brothers comment that Claire might come back….I guess I dont have to watch last weeks episode after all 🙂 How do you like them apples!

  3. James McLean

    ha ha Kevin. actually i read a wikipedia thing about claire but i have no idea how that is gonna go down. i have a secret crush on her so i’m looking forward to it..uh whoops i guess the cats out of the bag now dangit.

    James McLeans last blog post..A Timeline of Grace

  4. Jeff T.

    Sucky side note – he’s alive with a group of people who are all destined to be brutally murdered by The Others (except for Russoe)! He literally gets to die another day… or year… or something.

    Jeff T.s last blog post..Is Our Children Dreaming?

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