LOST: The Beginning of the End

Well, well, well. We’ve been waiting for this for months (and months and months) – and we almost missed it due to a last minute get-a-way. Lucky for us there was a TV here and we got settled by around 8pm. First off we were bummed that it wasn’t a true 2 hour premier – found out about that last night, so tonight was a little bit of a let down because of that, but since we are such LOST fans we didn’t mind watching yet another recap episode.

Come 9pm we were ready. Ready to find out if the survivors all get off the island. Ready to see of Desmond is able to convince Jack not to contact the boat. Ready to see what Lock has up his sleeve. Ready to see what the heck is going on with the flash forward scenes of Jack & Kate. We were ready for LOST! All I can say is, wow. LOST didn’t dissapoint. Here’s some of the things we liked, didn’t understand, or think.

  • Seeing Charlie again (whether or not he is alive)
  • What is Hurley not supposed to tell?
  • Was Hurley’s flashback before Jacks? (Jack saying “I’m thinking of growing a beard”)
  • We knew it was Hurley in the chase car (yay us!)
  • How many people is Jack going to kill? (he’s been using that term a lot – and he pulled the trigger!)
  • Who was in Jacob’s house? At least 2 people. The word on the street is: Christian, Lock, Desmond..?
  • Who are the Oceanic 6? Jack, Kate, Hurley..? I’m on board with Claire and Aaron, possibly Sun and Juliet, or Michael and Walt?
  • Hurley apologizes to Jack for going with Lock.
  • The interrogating cop is Anna Lucia’s ex-partner
  • Hurley did a cannonball
  • Ben had some great lines!
  • Something strange about Hurley being in the mental institution reminds me of Libby and that whole story.

Here’s Conner’s take – some good stuff there. (He beat me to it, again!)

And if you have an extra hour or so, go check out the Lostpedia forum on last night’s episode.

And here’s another little present.

Are you getting LOST? See you next week.

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4 thoughts on “LOST: The Beginning of the End

  1. Erin

    So I’ll totally be turning to this site for updated “Lost” understandings. I’ve been watching it since the very beginning. Loving it and hating it at the same time. THERE ARE SO MANY UNSWERED QUESTIONS.

  2. Erin

    .. as I was saying.. (pushed speak accidently).. I go nutty watching it. There are so many times I say I’m just going to wait till the shows over and watch it like a movie.. a long movie. 🙂 So.. am I right when I say, some of the clips they went to early on in the season that show the lives of each characters, were in fact in the future and not the past? Like Hurley in the mental hospital… I’ll be reading.. ;)erin

  3. WorshipCity

    Dude it was actually AWESOME watching it back later being TiVoed we skipped right through all the commercials 🙂

  4. James McLean

    yeah Tivo is the way to go. loved that lost easter eggs site that you added. pretty interesting. is it just me or is it hard to really like any of the characters anymore? i mean there is so much ugly history. i think i still like Desmond and Sayid thats about it for me.

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